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Celestia Portrait by AncientOwl
Celestia Portrait
Here it is as the final portrait. Had to tone out the background a bit to keep the bright colors from looking like crap.
Celestia Portrait Sketch - Colored by AncientOwl
Celestia Portrait Sketch - Colored
Here's the portrait sketch colored.

Fun fact: the texture I used on her hair is the same one I used for Luna and Nightmare Moon in the "Princess of the Night" logo. It was a failed attempt at making a Luna wallpaper, but I couldn't bring myself to throw out the billowy textures I created.
Celestia Portrait Sketch by AncientOwl
Celestia Portrait Sketch
I was up all night playing the new Smash Bros, and after having my ass handed to me 15 times by tournament-level players online, I was angry enough to sketch out Celestia, despite my current self-imposed break on sketching.

Took about 10 minutes to draw out a rough version, then a few touch-ups later left me with this.
Mundane Adventures with Celestia - Cooking (Rough) by AncientOwl
Mundane Adventures with Celestia - Cooking (Rough)
I was able to finish a rough draft of this comic (after a full year) today. I'm hoping I can get around to redrawing it to making it look better, maybe color and shade it so it doesn't look like I drew it in 5 minutes (which the last 3 panels took to draw).

I might turn this into a series if I can think of other ways for Celestia to horribly fail at mundane activities.
Cider Logo by AncientOwl
Cider Logo
Here's the cider logo, colored and separated from the FlimFlam Bros. logo.
I started a commission thread on Reddit a few days ago, and seeing as it got way more hits than I thought it would, my album is going to see a huge upsurge in content over the coming month. If anyone else would like a commission, leave your request in the comments. I'm doing them for free.


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I've been an established Deviant for over 6 years. This account is for any of my artwork that is a bit... pony-ish.

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